TDC Cutting Tools Inc (known as TDC), founded in 1995, is the backbone of the Top-Eastern Group. After 2 decades of dedicated work and several corporate mergers and acquisitions overseas, TDC is now the leader of the world’s cutting tool industry. TDC has a unique set of advantages: the most comprehensive supply chain, the largest scale, state of the art equipment and the largest market share, not to mention multiple world famous brands and technology patents.

TDC began in China and develops on the world stage. It is very rare and precious for a cutting tool company to have successfully integrated material collection, production, product research and development, distribution and recycling into one operating system.

The focus of TDC’s business is in industrial precision cutting tool design and production. The majority of our production focuses on high-speed steel twist drills, end mills, taps and other industrial cutting tools. We are now the world’s largest drill production company with superior quality products and the highest profit in China.

Other than China, TDC has production facilities in the US, Germany, Mexico and Canada with distribution centers worldwide.

TDC produces one out of five industrial high-speed steel cutting tools worldwide. Every year, TDC achieves a production volume of 300 million pieces of cutting tools and 10 million meters of various bi-metal saws. Lining these tools up end to end would circle the earth.