Local production:

TDC Industrial Complex - the main production complex TDC
TDC Grinding Wheel Co. Ltd - the production of grinding wheels
Dalian Top-Eastern Metal Co, Ltd -. Recycling scrap
TDC Specialty Steel Co. - The production of high-speed steel
TDC Precision Tools Inc. - Production of carbide tools
TDC Carbide Co. - Production of hard alloys

Dalian Vacuum Technologies Inc. - Production of installations for the application of protective coatings MACHINE TOOL MANUFACTURING INC - production grinding equipment
TDC Grinding Wheel Co. Ltd production of grinding wheels
 Dalian Top-Eastern Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd. is awholly owned subsidiary of Dalian top-eastern drills Instrument Gro up, founded in August 2002, the factory covers an area of 9200 square meters. We are specialized in manufacturing re sinoid bonded grinding wheels for grinding high strength drill bits. Through independentresearch and development, the int roduction of international advanced technology and other wa ys to complete the automatic molding production line, autom atic hard ening furnace and other industrial equipment upgra ding, so that annual production capacity of 1000 tons or more.

In July 2012 the company began to prepare for the secone d phase project, the group has invested 31500000 yuan, ren ovating and enlarging 7000 square meters of new plant, thro ugh imported the molding machine, the ceramic kiln, profess ional machine and advanced technology and management e xperience of grinding wheel manufacturing, etc.  Our produc ts remains five series, they are the series of vitrified bond pro ducts, the series of strong wear products, the series of resino id bond products, the series of super hard materials products, the series of finishing polishing products and others. It will lay a solid foundation for  the company to be a more comprehen sive, more professional, more scientific and modern enterprise.

       Dalian Top-Eastern Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd. based on sc ientific and rigorous, efficient and flexible management echani sm, absorbe domestic and foreign advanced ideas constantly, establish effective management mode, to ensure the stability of product quality; To guarantee the product's advanced nature, we absorb industry information actively and explore the trial. S o that our products are able to satisfy domestic large grinding enterprises which normal use of the drill bit production ,just as the TDC group company, the Feida group, the Seiko Corporat ion, etc.. Our products sold in the United States, Germany, Fr ance, Australia, Korea, Israel and other countries and regions.

TOP-EASTERN MACHINE TOOL MANUFACTURING INC. located in Dalian a beautiful coastal city, is Top-Eastern enterprise group’s  symbol of march to the equipment manufacturing industry.
Based on the advantage of technology ,manufacturing and service, the company establish its own developing direction, that is “user-centered, guided by the marketing, persist in the innovation of technology ,good quality first, continuously develop modularized and multi-functional product”. Under this ideology, the company has already formed the new mechanism of self-reliance and innovation and working hard to develop high level reliable and fitness products.
We will keep our promise and good quality of products and will have courage to take responsibility ,we sincerely hope we can supply the best product ,the best service but in the most competitive price. Hope to establish multi mode cooperation with new and old friends all around the world. Let us be the real partner.

Dalian Vacuum Technologies Inc. - Coating Machines
Dalian  Vacuum  Technologies  Inc.,  (stock  code: 831729) re-organized in May, 2014 and rooted from Dalian Top-Eastern Vacuum Tech Co., Ltd. who was founded in 2003, a subsidiary Hi-Tech company of  Top-Eastern  Group,  has  passed  the  ISO9001 certification,  is  specialized  in  manufacturing and supplying all kinds of ion coating machines, including electron-beam evaporation, multi-arc and magnetron sputtering coating machines. We also supply various ion sources, vacuum valves, vacuum measuring unit and auto-controlling system as well. We have our own complete advanced CNC machine production line and precise measuring facilities starting from the vacuum chamber manufacturing to the fnal equipment assembly, adopting our own patent and special know-how to control the whole manufacturing stage and provide a perfect coating turn-key solution. Our coating machines are suitable for the following applications,  including  industrial  grade  cutting tools  and  precise  moulds  hard  coating,  high level  decorative  coating,  machinery  parts(such as automotive parts, aircraft turbine blades)anti- corrosion and high strength anti-resistance coating, LED new energy-saving parts coating, ITO conductive coating,  solar  energy  industry  coating  and  low effective glass coating as well. Our R&D center has established a solid cooperation relationship with several famous university material labs, so the improvement for our coating machine manufacturing and coating crafts will be guaranteed. Especially, we are the leading supplier for extra-thick layer coating application which can be up to 80 microns on some special purpose machinery parts. We have been leading the market for cutting tools coating and special function coating in China. Innovations never end up, and we always develop our coating technology to provide a better service to our valued customers.

Foreign Subsidiaries

Werko GmbH (Germany)
Manigley SA (Switzerland)
Greenfield Industries, Inc (US)
TDC Land Holding LLC (Canada)
Greenfield Canada LTD (Canada)
GreenTech Metal Recycling LLC (US)
Herramientas Cleveland, S.A. de C.V.(Mexico)